Rural Urban Exchange Panel Discussion set for Thurs. March 15

Students from WCU and NC A&T describe their experiences in the eleventh annual Rural-Urban Exchange (RUE) as they visit communities, public schools and university campuses that are very different from those with which they are familiar. The goals of the RUE include providing teacher-education students at WCU substantial field experience in urban communities where they interact with P-12 students from diverse ethnic, racial, socioeconomic and language groups. This program also supplies teacher-education students at NC A&T with significant field experience with students in rural communities.

In addition, the RUE provides students at WCU and NC A&T opportunities to work with university and public school faculty who provide valuable skills and preparation for working with diverse students in our schools. For more information, contact John Habel at 227-3367 ( or Tom Oren at 227-3290 (