Multiple Faculty Honored By University

Several faculty were nominated or awarded university level honors at the recent WCU awards ceremony:

  • Russell Curtis – nominee for Board of Governor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching
  • Heidi Turlington – nominee for Chancellor’s Distinguished Teaching Award
  • Bob Beaudet, Carrie Rogers & Nancy Luke – nominees for the SoTL Scholar Award
  • Alvin Malesky – winner of the Jay M. Robinson Award for eTeaching

Congratulations to our faculty!

Students, faculty and alumni participate in, film ‘positive psychotherapy’ video

Russ Curtis, associate professor of counseling, collaborated with faculty, students, and alumni to produce an instructional video on how to incorporate positive psychotherapy strategies in counseling sessions. The video will be a training resource for students and professors in counseling and related programs. For more information, see the full article in The Reporter.