Spurling to give keynote on bullying in the schools

Dr. Richard Spurling, superintendent of Mitchell County Schools, will present the Ron Morrow Lecture on Wednesday, October 10 at 5 pm in Killian 102.  His talk is titled “It is Time to be Bully Free.”  Students and faculty are encouraged to attend.  For more information, contact Lydia Cook in the Dean’s office.

Faculty Selected for Japan Studies Institute Fellowship

Dr. Marie-Line Germain, a Human Services faculty member in the Human Resource master’s program received one of 16 university fellowships from across the United States to attend the Japan Studies Institute held at San Diego State University. The two-week program was designed promote good will and an understanding of how leaders in the Japan work to promote future growth while honoring traditional cultural foundations. While there, Marie-Line met and talked with Japanese corporation representatives, diplomats, film makers and scholars. The knowledge gained by Dr. Germain’s participation in this program will support the college’s initiatives to promote international competence of students and faculty.  For more information, see the Institute’s website.

CEAP Diversity Blog to Launch in April

On April 9, 2012, the College of Education and Allied Professions will launch its first Blog sponsored by the College Diversity Committee and facilitated by Lewis Isaac.  The Blog is open to all students and faculty in our college.    It will be accessible through an “organization” on blackboard.  People participating in the blog will have access to a recent New York Times article, as well as, to some other resources.  Our guest blogger, Lewis Isaac, will post his comments on the article and interact  with faculty and students via the blog.  The blog will give faculty and students, both residential and distance , an opportunity to participate in a “diversity dialogue” that is asynchronous.  The Blog will run for a 2 week period to give faculty and students plenty of opportunity to participate.  Lewis Isaac will be responding to posts on the blog.

For further information, including possible incorporation of this activity into your classes, please contact Lisa Bloom or John Habel.

Rural Urban Exchange Panel Discussion set for Thurs. March 15

Students from WCU and NC A&T describe their experiences in the eleventh annual Rural-Urban Exchange (RUE) as they visit communities, public schools and university campuses that are very different from those with which they are familiar. The goals of the RUE include providing teacher-education students at WCU substantial field experience in urban communities where they interact with P-12 students from diverse ethnic, racial, socioeconomic and language groups. This program also supplies teacher-education students at NC A&T with significant field experience with students in rural communities.

In addition, the RUE provides students at WCU and NC A&T opportunities to work with university and public school faculty who provide valuable skills and preparation for working with diverse students in our schools. For more information, contact John Habel at 227-3367 (habel@email.wcu.edu) or Tom Oren at 227-3290 (oren@email.wcu.edu).