Janice Holt Wins AERA Award

Janice Holt, CEAP Executive Director for Teacher Recruitment, Advising, and Career Support (TRACS), has been selected as the recipient of the AERA Research on Teacher Induction special interest group first Dissertation Award. Congratulations to Janice for receiving this distinction!

Human resources students help meet nonprofit organizations’ needs

Read the full story here: http://goo.gl/STCUw

Whee Adventure Guides Created by PRM Students

Students in the Parks and Recreation Management course “High Adventure Travel and Outfitting” created guides on enjoying outdoor activities in the WCU area. See the article in the Reporter for more information.

CEAP Members to Present at NC-ACTE

Several people from our college will make presentations at the 29th Annual North Carolina Teacher Education Forum in Raleigh NC held later this week. The forum is a place for those in public and private universities in North Carolina to gather and discuss teacher education. Those presenting include James Taruasi and David McCord of Psychology; Dale Carpenter, Nancy Luke, and Carrie Rogers of the School of Teaching and Learning; Kurt Frederick and Janice Holt of TRACS; Kathleen Topolka-Jorissen of Human Services; and Renee Corbin, Director of Assessment.

Conference To Recruit Students To Teaching Careers

Teachers of Tomorrow: Reaching to Teach is a conference held for middle school, high school, and community college students who are interested in exploring teaching as a career. Regional high school and community college students attend the conference each fall on the campus of WCU; regional middle school students attend the on-campus conference each spring. The fall conference will be held on Wednesday, September 28. Visit the conference website for more information or to register.

Mathematics Speaker’s Program Engages K-12 Students

The Mathematics Visiting Speaker’s Program has faculty in Mathematics visit K-12 classrooms to speak on various topics and engage these students in mathematics. The program has collaborated with numerous K-12 teachers in the western region of NC; last year, the program sent 4 WCU faculty to 12 K-12 classrooms at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. Speakers on various topics are available for the current academic year. To learn more and possibly schedule a speaker, visit the program’s webpage.