Whee Teach Serves Jackson County

wheeteachWhee Teach, a student organization for teacher education majors, put in over 600 hours of service this year. On May 5, 2018 they served at Bridges to Peace Family Fun Day. Whee Teach focused on educating families on the impact of bullying with a focus on encouraging anti-bullying.

WHEE Teach Hosts Haywood Early College Students

WHEE Teach Welcome Teacher Cadets to Campus

Murphy Teacher CadetsStudents from the Teacher Cadet class at Murphy High School came to WCU on April 28 to tour campus and learn about teacher education programs in the college. The group was met by WHEE Teach students, Jenny Stewart (Suite 201 advisor), and Veretta Pegram-Floyd (Residential Living).

WHEE Teach to hold Interest Meeting

Students, faculty to help build playground; more volunteers sought

College Newsletter for Fall, 2013 Published